Monday, December 22, 2008

Color By Numbers

This week I realized something about Logan's ability to organize. I'll give him a picture of bunny to color, he'll take a crayon and run all over it with just one or two colors. It won't look so great, but then I'll give him a chart where I write 1= red, 2=green, etc. He will then do a terrific job coloring. He'll even try to stay inside the lines. It also helps if I sit next to him but after a few sheets, I had to take a phone call and he went on to color a few more sheets by himself. This is unusual for him. He always needs me to say, "Great Job." every 60-90 seconds. Now we have charts for everything in this house. I have his morning routine written in pictures in a chart. Mornings are kind of hard for us. Sometimes, I think I may end up sending him to school in his pajamas. I'll let you know how the chart works out.

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