Monday, December 22, 2008

Confronted My Husband

Seeing as how our marriage completely revolves around our boys, I knew that our marriage and my husband himself was in need of soul repair. I let my husband take one of my Klonopin and an hour later he went out and bought me flowers! Eureka!

Klonopin for everyone!

Then, I "made" him go to his doctor and get some for himself but he came home empty-handed. "Work out," said the doctor. I was so mad. So I had it out with Kai because I was hoping the Klonopin would make him more interesting and more interested in me. I told him how I wanted our marriage to be better and pointed out what I needed and that he wasn't providing it. I even asked him if he was seeing another woman. That's how concerned I was.

His side: He's tired and there is no other woman. He's stressed at work and the GFCF + a whole lot of other restrictions diet really prevents a lot of spontaneity and convenience. This is true. It's really depressing. The diet gives me a lot of stress too.

He told me he'd join a gym. I was skeptical that would help but today, he joined and came back in a great mood and even talked to me and Kai is a man of few words. More importantly, he came up with the idea of taking Logan to the pool. The last time we took Logan to a 3-foot deep pool he cried and wanted out immediately so I knew that Kai volunteering to do this alone was a big step for him. I was really happy that he was willing to deal with the possible tantrum but they went and came back hours later with huge smiles on their faces. Logan swam in the pool with a donut! They even "raced" together. This is a boy who has sensory issues with water! I was so proud of Logan but I was really so happy with my husband for going the extra mile. Today was a great day.

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