Monday, December 22, 2008


I hate to say this but it makes me a better parent. Through a research study at the NYU Child Study Center, my husband and I received great training to deal with Logan's issues. Even though we know what we are supposed to do, it's still so hard. It gets personal. We get tired. I get emotional. Klonopin relaxes me.

First of all, I can breath better which was my biggest problem. However, I had no idea that I would be so relaxed that I could give that straight face when I give him a time out. With Klonopin, I have no urge to yell and Logan used to call me a "monster" on those days when I just completely lost my temper. One thing I did notice is that I still have trouble doling out the praises. Maybe that is an anti-depressant thing? All these drugs are new to me. I had never taken anything before. Looking back, I really wish I had. It took a trip to the emergency room to wake me up.

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