Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Vacation? There's No Vacation

I have to be honest. I really dread when there is a school vacation. This vacation just started and already I'm exhausted.

They say that routine is important to children with ADHD. Well, it's important to me too. Spencer's ABA therapists are on vacation and Logan is home all day. The only person who comes is the speech therapist and what a relief that is. I actually don't know what to do with both of them when they are home on the weekdays and my husband is at work. It's hard to do activities with them when they need so much one-on-one attention.

When they play together, they make a huge mess, break things, and Spencer usually ends up getting hurt. I can't turn my back on them for a second but of course I do. I have to go to the kitchen and get their food or my food or something.

Yesterday morning started fine. I went to Trader Joe's, put a lot of GFCF foods in the cart, spent a fortune, and got back in the car. It was a little challenging because I couldn't put two children in the cart and had to make sure Logan wouldn't wander but we managed. I tied a scarf to his arm and tied the other end to the cart. Some people saw me and laughed. I laughed too.

However, when we got home, Spencer wouldn't take his nap. That nap is my one break in the day to do things like eat lunch, wash dishes, cook dinner, and make phone calls for the kids. Some break but still, it's a break to me. Since Logan was home, I was also going to play with him and then encourage him to play by himself for a while while I read a book. But after almost an hour of trying, Spencer wouldn't sleep can I fell into depression.

The boys became out of control or at least it felt like it. My medication was making me drowsy too so I had no energy to deal with them. I tried to sit with Logan as he was drawing and I was falling asleep. I completely ignored that Spencer was playing with our phone and somehow recorded twenty minutes of me talking to Logan in my half-sleep. I was really spiraling downward fast.

After I got my second wind, I started to think about the opportunities I had for this vacation and to try to not to be so depressed about it. Here they are:

1. Get to go to a lot of appointments like dental, doctor, evaluations, etc... without missing school.
2. Get to see how my boys are changing in terms of how they can play together. I do see some improvement.
3. Get to see how much Logan has improved or not improved in areas of behavior now that he's home for a longer period of time.
4. Food is less of an issue. If he doesn't eat, he has to wait until the next meal and then he learns that he has to eat when he's supposed to. I'm currently working on this lesson.
5. I don't have to rush to get him changed, fed, and on the bus in the morning so less stress there.

I think what I need to do is find more organized activities for them but at the same time find a little break time for myself. Next week will be easier as we have a lot of appointments and won't have too much time to be bored in the house.

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