Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Wii, The Great Disappointment

Another special needs parent with a similar aged son as Logan suggested that I get Logan the Wii for Christmas. Since Logan is hyperactive and inattentive, it would help get out the excess energy and help him also with focusing. He said that his son loved the game and it was a great motivator for him to finish dinner and complete his homework. I was so thrilled. I wanted to go buy it immediately.

My husband, like with all my big ideas, disagreed right away. Only until I found that I could buy and return (for a full refund) a used Wii from Game Stop, did he agree to try it out.

We brought it home and Logan had such a hard time handling the joystick. He couldn't follow the directions and gave up several times. The funny thing is that he still wants to play it, which I don't understand. I still think the Wii is good for him but I guess he's just not ready for it yet. The only way he could play is if I was coaching him every step of the way. This reminds me of our disappointments with soccer class and martial arts class. He loved the classes but he was unable to control himself. Those classes broke my heart and the Wii kind of broke it again. It's crazy. Most days, I really do accept my son's disability but sometimes......

I got him an easier game for Christmas, the Leapster 2. I hope he enjoys it.


manuela227 said...

So sorry it didn't work out. But you need to keep trying. Don't give up.

Jenn said...

He's doing okay with the Leapster 2. Baby steps. Maybe we can get the Wii in a few months.