Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ADDitude Blog Writes About Can Mom Be Calm

I must confess to you that I was never really into blogging before I joined the blog world myself. When I worked in public relations, I used to read Gawker and that was about it. It's funny because they would make fun of stories that I pitched about ADHD and now ADHD is a part of my life.

I was curious about other ADHD parenting blogs and came across Kay Marner's very candid and informative blog about raising her child with special needs. We connected over her post about the importance of taking care of oneself despite the high demands of raising a special needs child. She then read Can Mom Be Calm and wrote about this blog in her post today.

Thank you Kay. I wish you best of luck with your family and especially with your health. May we all take better care of ourselves in 2009!

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