Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ADHD Meds Help Moms with Parenting

I've been wondering how many of our blog's visitors have ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder. A majority of those who responded to our poll said that they did have it and few even said that their spouse did too.

Now a study is out in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry that says drugs like Ritalin can help mothers who have ADHD parent better. I always joke that I have ADHD and here I am taking anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. Am I taking the wrong meds or should I be adding another little pill to my cocktail? Please God No! Well, I won't rule out anything. I have been wanting to change my meds. This stuff makes me tired. I need to be calm but I need my energy too especially with these boys. I really have to try yoga. What is holding me back? I know, meds are easier and faster. Yoga takes time and I don't even have a yoga mat so of course I can't start until I get one, right?

The study says that the ADHD drugs could help with poor parenting tactics such as inconsistent discipline and the use of corporal punishment. I think it's amazing that an ADHD drug can actually help you with inconsistent parenting. Anyway, this really begs the question, if you are a special needs mom, do you have special needs too or have become someone with special needs because of the stress? Do you use medication? And if so, find it helpful? Maybe it's time to start a new poll.

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