Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cheated on the Diet

This week, I let my kids have MSG. I know that when you are doing bio-med, you are not allowed to have MSG but if you are Asian and eat at restaurants where Asians eat then you know that MSG is in almost everything. I'm not talking about your neighborhood Chinese take-out. That's different. We go to Chinatown every Saturday to visit my father-in-law and picking up dim sum is a ritual of ours. Even though I pack food for the kids, they are always staring at the dim sum and our toddler really tries to grab it. He likes the beef rice rolls (Lao-churn) and taro cake (lo-bah-goh).

My kids are currently not eating gluten, casein, citrus, eggs, peas, beans, peanuts, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, artificial food coloring, processed sugar, nitrates/nitrites, and soy. This diet is very restrictive but on the weekdays, we do okay. I have a routine and cook at home but the weekends are tough because we are out and busy.

I'm Korean American and my husband is Chinese American and I really miss feeding my kids Asian food. With my parents being in the Korean restaurant business since I was born, Asian food is a big part of my life, my culture, and my identity. To take soy sauce out of their diet just breaks my heart. Anyway, I don't know what came over me but this week but I let them eat some Asian food sans soy sauce but I'm sure it had some MSG. I gave them Vietnamese pho noodles which they loved, dim sum sticky rice, and shrimp dumplings (Har-gow) that are made with tapioca and rice flour skins. I know that I can make some of these foods at home but who has the time and patience to learn how to make all these foods? I already bake all their GFCF cookies and bake loaves of GF sandwich bread sometimes twice a week.

Next month, my DAN! doctor is doing a special skin prick test on Logan (not the average kind the allergist uses) to determine some food allergies. I don't know why we didn't do it earlier. My DAN! doesn't believe in the IGG tests. I really hope that Logan shows negative to soy, corn, and casein. Even if he does, there will always be that MSG question. Maybe if I'm allowed to give them gluten-free soy sauce, I can pass on the MSG. Maybe.

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