Sunday, January 25, 2009

Exclusive Interview: World's Worst GF Baker

Today, Can Mom Be Calm was able to obtain an exclusive interview with the worst GFCF baker in the world, Jennifer Choi. She achieved this status after baking her second GFCF cake (pictured) which was very much like first GFCF cake - a disaster.

Q: Did it taste as bad as it looks?

JC: Oh, yes. In fact, when my brother bit into it, the first thing he asked was, "Why is this so wet?" I guess I didn't fully bake it.

Q: Which recipe did you botch up?

JC: Jim Ritchie's recipes are very easy but I still managed to screw it up.

Q: Why does your icing look like it's melting?

JC: I don't know. I wish someone would tell me. I tried to modify a recipe from but it didn't go so well. The good thing about that icing is that I was able to use corn-free confectioner's sugar from Trader Joe's. Spencer is corn-free.

Q: What happened to the writing? It looks like a child did it.

JC: I don't know that either. At first it was going okay but then the icing kept coming out of everywhere except the tip. I guess I don't know how to work with an icing bag. I changed the tip hoping that would help (note "Spencer") but that didn't help at all.

Q: Did anyone eat it?

JC: Spencer and Logan loved it. They had two slices each. I can't say the same for the adults. My brother's fiance finished her slice but I think she was taking pity on me. My brother ate almost all of his slice except for the part that was basically uncooked dough. My husband made no comments and just took two bites. He didn't even give me a pat on the back for trying. Needless to say, I didn't like him very much today.

Q: Will you ever bake again?

JC: As long as my kids are GFCF, I will continue to bake my disasters. Gluten free bakeries are expensive and inevitably they use an ingredient or two that my kids are not allowed to have. My soon-to-be sister-in-law had a great idea. Why not ask them to bake it without those ingredients? What a great idea! I hope they can do it because I am not sure if I can take much more embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry mom...we've all been there! It gets better!!!! You are a great mom for trying to help your what if it doesn't look like it came from Martha Stewart?? Your kiddos loved it and that's who you're baking for anyway!!

Anonymous said...

I made one from the Special Diets for Special Kids book, also a total disaster. We determined i didn't bake it long enough & that I should have covered it with tinfoil once the top looked "done". Since then, I've tried Ginger Lemon Girl's Everyday chocolate cake & it was really good & really easy. I made it 2x for my son's birthday. There's a link on my blog for it.

It will be better the next time. Or it won't. Either way, your son still had a birthday & you shared it with family, so it isn't all bad!

Anonymous said...

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