Monday, January 5, 2009

Hemp Milk on Sale at Whole Foods

If you are using hemp milk as your dairy or soy milk substitute then you will be happy to know that Hemp milk is on sale for 2 quart boxes for $6 dollars. Sometimes it sells for as high as $4.50 a quart at health food stores! At Whole Foods (on Houston Street), they told me it'll be on sale for the next two weeks. I took everything off the shelf and then asked them to order 5 cases for me and the customer service people gave me some sort of voucher that will allow me to buy the cases at the sale price when I go back next weekend.

If you haven't tried hemp milk, all I can say is that my kids like the vanilla flavor. It doesn't have as much protein as soy or dairy but it does have some and it is a good milk substitute for cereal and baking.

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