Monday, January 19, 2009

Logan and Spencer, Dare to Dream!

I know this is off-topic of anxiety and special needs children but I just want to take the opportunity to celebrate the birth of the late great Martin Luther King Jr. As an Asian American and a parent of Asian American children that also happen to have special needs, I am extremely thankful to him and all those who have paved the way for so many of us to be judged not by what we look like but the content of our character.

When Logan was born, I used to send out emails to friends with a picture of Logan and say "Take a look at the first Asian American president of the United States." Now, looking at an ADHD diagnosis, I think about the high divorce rate, the high risk of substance abuse, the high rate of car accidents and frequent job changes. Does this mean President is out of the question? Hmmmmm.

But today and tomorrow, I feel so grateful for all that we have because of Dr. King's sacrifices and so extremely hopeful for my children's individual futures when I think President-elect Obama, his background, his challenges, and his character. That really gets me thinking, my DAN! doctor could fix his hyperactivity, his teachers could teach him how to read and how to behave, his therapists could teach him how to hold a pencil but it'll be up to me and Kai to shape his character. I really have to remember that.

Someone once said after Obama was elected, "There are no more excuses." I guess there is not. We have to believe that anything is possible for us and our children.

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