Thursday, January 8, 2009

No More Doubts-Sensory Therapy Works!

Whenever I get the chance, I always fight for more Occupational Therapy (OT) for my kids. I believe that in this case, more is better and both my kids have serious sensory issues. But in all honesty, I secretly questioned how much it helped my children. It's so hard to tell, isn't it? Progress can happen so slowly.

Six weeks ago, Spencer qualified for increased OT, speech, and ABA. Everything went into motion except the OT. My agency just couldn't find one because of the timing. So basically, we haven't had OT for 6 weeks it has made a huge difference in his behavior.

He is grabbing me, grinding his teeth, hitting me and his brother. He climbing habit is worse than before and his favorite climbing post is me. I also have a ton of scratch marks all over my stomach because he craves squeezing my fleshy skin. It's even affected his other therapies. He's running around, scattering things, and crying for me. He recently had a bad cold and I think that just made everything worse.

I finally decided to start my own OT program for Spencer while we wait for our miracle. It's been hard to brush him. He squirms away and the only way I can get him to stay and be brushed is if I let him squeeze my nipple! OUCH! I don't know why but he is always trying to squeeze my breasts even though I weaned him months ago! He never got into the blankie thing and one of his therapists said that I'm his blankie. Great.

If you pray, meditate, or just think positive thoughts, please do us a giant favor and send a shout out to the universe to bring Spencer his OT. My service coordinator/angel from Theracare, Linda Renaud is calling everyone in the world to get him his OT but she could use some more luck. I'm trying to stay positive and believe that we are waiting so long because the very best OT will finally come and change Spencer's life.

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