Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tell Us About An Inspiring Special Needs Mom/Dad

I worked as a hospital publicist for 7 years putting doctors up on pedestals and heralding their genius. Thus, when it came to my children's healthcare, I never questioned them even when my boys' behavior was worsening despite my growing concerns.

One day, my friend Lauren said regarding her son with special needs, "I've been to a lot of doctors but I end up getting the best advice from other parents." That's now true for me too. Spencer used to have terrible feeding issues and none of the doctors or therapists he saw ever suggested seeing an allergist. Of course it was a parent that did and Spencer turned out to be allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, beans, peanuts, and legumes. Gee, could that be why he wouldn't eat?????

I totally depend on my special needs mom friends for advice, friendship, and courage. If you know of a mom or dad with a special needs child that really inspires you or does something that can teach people how to raise their children better or live their lives better, then can you send me a little something about them? I'd like to highlight them in a Special Needs Mommy (or Daddy) of the Month post for February.

I'm so excited about this project because if it weren't for my special needs mom friends, I would still be depressed, lost, sick, and my kids would probably not be enjoying all the great services and education they have now.

I really hope you'll submit something about someone you know. Please keep it under 300 words. You can go to my profile page and email your submission to me. Since I have no editorial board, judging will be done solely by me but hopefully by a group later on if this project does well. Submissions will not be returned and will be considered for possible future feature posts. Additionally, the featured parent will be interviewed and should be willing to provide a picture. Deadline for February's post is January 28th Wednesday 11:59 PM.

To all my special needs mom friends, thank you so much. You give me and my family hope everyday.

Tips: Things to mention in your submission:
1. What are the children's challenges and any other family challenges?
2. Did the family suffer something traumatic?
3. How did the parent overcome the challenges?
4. Is there anything the parent does or did that could inspire or teach other parents?

P.S. http://www.canmombecalm.blogspot.com/ is not commercial. There are no ads, just my words. I'm happy that it's been an interesting place to visit. In just a little over three weeks, we've had over 200 visitors.

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