Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Broke 500!

It's been only four weeks since I started Can Mom Be Calm and over 500 visitors have come to visit this site. I think the high (may I say high?) number may largely be due to the write-up from the ADDitude Parenting Blog post about us but I just wanted to say thank you so much for visiting. I really hope you find this site interesting and possibly even helpful. Also, I urge you to write a comment about how it can be improved or what topics can be discussed. Feel free to be anonymous (or not) and yell at me about how crappy you think this blog is. I want to hear that too.

Anyway, thanks again for dropping by and checking out this blog and don't forget to tell us about your favorite Special Needs Mom/Dad, deadline 1/28/09 at 11:59 PM. Can't wait to do that post!


Heather said...

Hey there Jenn! I saw your blog link on the SPDNY yahoo group. Yes, I'm an upstater, but I am originally a Jersey Girl, so don't hold it against me! ;)

I have one kiddo, who has (as you may've figured out from me belonging to the same group as you) SPD. Anyhow, I'm also a blogger so whenever I see a blog link, I like to check it out!


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