Monday, February 16, 2009

Hoping for Some More Help

Could you do me a favor? Remember when I needed an occupational therapist (OT) for Spencer and I asked all the readers on this blog to pray for us or send out some good thoughts to the universe? Well I think y'all did because a few days later, I received a call saying that after almost two months of waiting, we finally got an OT.

I need your help again. I was reading ADDitude Magazine's Kay Marner's Parenting Blog where she discussed losing her respite services from the state of Iowa. It sounded terrible especially since she said she really used that time to spend with her non-ADHD son. I lived under the shadow of my older brother when I was a child. In our immigrant Korean family, he was the first-born son and only son of the first-born son and only son. Confused? Let's just say, he was treated VERY VERY special and so I can somewhat relate to Kay's son. This is why I'm sort of glad(huh?) that both my kids have special needs. They are stiff competition to each other for my attention.

Back to the subject: I had been thinking about respite myself recently. It is a scary thought. Who would this person be? Would she take care of Spencer in a kind and loving and effective manner? How much training would they have? I actually know no one that used respite services. I was never going to do it either. I have a great babysitter. I will just continue to spend more money that I don't have or just never go out unless I really have to.

When Spencer was formally diagnosed with PDD-NOS, I figured I could apply for something called "family reimbursement." I'm not sure what it is exactly but I think the government can help us pay for therapeutic toys or something like that. It's money basically. Money is always welcome here.

My Early Intervention service coordinator helped me apply so that I could be eligible for such services but then the subject of respite came up and I decided to see what it was all about. The more I thought about it, I wanted it. I figured if I got respite services for a couple of hours in a day, I can have them possibly come when Spencer is having ABA therapy(2 hours) so I wouldn't have to worry so much about leaving Spencer alone with this person. Wow, going out, without babysitting fees, guilt-free, worry-free? Sign me up!!!!!

I thought about what I could do during that time. I could go get a haircut.... nah... I just put it in a ponytail anyway...... maybe go to the doctor.... ok, good.... I could do acupuncture during regular business hours instead of during my "me time" at night! YES!!!! ....... I could actually go and work out at the gym that is just three blocks away..... ooooooh... then there would be no more excuses. My friend Sue also mentioned how that would be so good for my mental health.

She is right. I really need to make some adjustments in that department. I am falling out of love with my meds and would like to be rid of them soon. Did you know that my meds have artificial food coloring? Why? Do they think I would find it more desirable to take a pill that is pink or blue? I'm not a child nor a moron. I can take pills that are just plain white. I really can. Sorry about the ranting. It's just because I think the coloring is aggravating my psoriasis. I've become quite scaly. My acupuncturist is working on it. I hate that she has to spend her time fixing the side effects of my meds.

Anyway, if you pray or just think positive thoughts, please send us some good vibes and ask the heavens above to send a little bit of respite service our way. Even though I hate exercising, I do want the chance to get healthier.

(Pictured: Logan loves to wear the same shirt as Spencer. My brother started this trend because he raids the outlets and manages to find matching clothes for the kids all the time. And now I struggle not to buy them the same clothes when I shop for Logan- Spencer wears all of Logan's hand-me-downs. They always look so cute and happy wearing matching clothes. You could hardly tell from this picture that they have a crazy mom who is constantly daydreaming of running away from home to do the stairmaster or swim a few laps.)

p.s. How could I be so selfish? If you do send your prayers or good thoughts, please send a shout-out for Kay's respite services too. It sounds like they are very important to her family.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in knowing where to get info on respite services -- I have never heard of it. Also, I am sending good thoughts your way right now (and each time I read your blog posts actually). You have beautiful boys by the way!

Jenn said...

thanks for the good thoughts! and the nice words about my boys. I don't know where you live but every state should have some sort of agency where they help children and adults with developmental disabilities or "mental retardation" which is what its called in new york state. yes, really it is. how awful, I know. anyway, if you are really lost, you can call the new york state office of mental retardation and developmental disabilities and ask where their counterpart is in your state. You'll probably have to submit a lot of paperwork and see if you are eligible. Good luck. I'll send good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the boys! They are so adorable!

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