Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sometimes It's Okay to Break the Routine

In our house, changes in routine are not welcome. The kids sometimes react unfavorably to them. You all know what I'm talking about. Sometimes there is a tantrum and sometime there is just confusion but it's unsettling for them either way.

With our very tight ABA/speech therapy/OT schedule for Spencer and school/clinic OT schedule for Logan, I get thrown off too when there is a change but this week, I instituted a new change. One that is better for me.

I started to take showers on a regular basis.

That's right. I have been a very dirty girl. This is how I knew I was depressed because I didn't even want to take a shower sometimes.

I usually took my showers at night after the boys went to sleep and the dishes were done and the lunch was packed. I would usually be exhausted by this time and the last thing I'd want to do is take a shower despite how relaxing it could be. So many times, I would just skip it and be Ms. Oily Hair the next day. The same goes for working out. Who wants to work out at 8 or 9 PM when your child gets up at 5 am? (That would be Spencer waking up that early. His gift to me.)

Anyway, I just said "Screw it," and I've been taking showers in the morning just like when I did when I was a commute-to-work mom. I would wash my face and brush my teeth in the shower too so I could get extra time under the warm water. Where are the kids? Logan is usually off to school, Kai takes him to the bus and I take my shower after I finish feeding Spencer and let him watch his Blues Clues while he's safe in a high chair. It's not a totally ideal situation but the shower really helps me feel good in the morning. I think starting my days feeling good in the morning is a good break in routine, wouldn't you agree?

(Pictured: I always like to put up a picture with my posts but didn't know quite what to do with this one so I just took a picture of myself with wet hair. I then realized that I have no pictures of myself. It's all of the kids. My photo albums look like my children have no parents. Are you like that too? So then I went crazy with the self-timer and tried to take pictures that I liked of me and wouldn't mind seeing 20 years from now. Here they are. My two breaks in routine. It was a lot of fun but a little overwhelming so I started to have trouble breathing. Am I crazy or what? I can't even have a mini-photo session without having anxiety. So hence you see the very weird picture of me trying to take a deep breath while the self-timer was going off. This is kind of what I look like when I am starting to panic. But I'm okay now. I took some Klonopin and I think it actually worked today. BTW, you should try a mini-session with your self-timer one time, it could be fun! Spencer was watching me do it and laughed the whole time. I like when my kids see me happy.)


Twisted Cinderella said...

I get that way too about the showers. it is just so hard to get time in the day when I am not needed by either the baby long enough to get a shower and in the evenings, I am too tired. Yesterday I decided that I had to fix this situation, so as soon as she went for a nap, I ran up the stairs and hopped into the shower.

Jenn said...

Sometimes, I would shower during my toddler's nap time but that time is so busy for me too. I usually cook dinner at that time and try to eat my lunch and watch 15 minutes of Oprah. Every second counts during nap time. When he wakes up early, I am just crushed.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are getting some time to yourself everyday. You don't realize how nice hot showers are until you have kids!

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