Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cynthia Nixon As an ADHD Mom? Got Coupons!

I really couldn't believe my eyes when I read it in one of my favorite blogs, Well, by Tara Parker-Pope. Cynthia Nixon, star of Sex and the City, was headlining in a new Off-Broadway comedy called Distracted, a story about a mother raising a child with ADD.

The story was written by a playwright and mother, Lisa Loomer, who noticed that more and more children were being diagnosed with ADD and other disorders after she enrolled her child in school. The play is more about the mother (Cynthia Nixon) and her journey to cope and learn more about ADD and is less about the child. I already bought tickets! I know we are trying to save money but my birthday is coming up and we had this coupon. How can I miss a play about someone who playing "my role," so to speak. Thank you Emily for this coupon!!!!!! I'm so sorry to all of you who live far away and can't see it.

While I don't want to devalue the subject of ADD, I wondered why someone who didn't have an ADD child would write a fictional play about raising an ADD child. It doesn't seem to be the subject of too many fiction books as far as I could tell from a quick amazon search. The writer talks more about her motivation to write the play in this article. Either way, I am grateful that not only is she giving ADHD attention, but she's laying the focus on the mom. We (and the dads too somewhat) are the ones going through a lot of changes as we learn to help our children. I really wonder how I'll feel after I see it. It's supposed to be a comedy so I just hope I'll have a great time.

You can get tickets by going to or calling 212-719-1300 and my friend sent me a coupon code (DIPBOL2) which takes about 40% off the ticket price. I think the show will stop playing in May.


Anonymous said...

Jenn, I saw a interview w/Cynthia Nixon about this recently but had forgotten. Please tell us all about it after. I would love, love to go but NYC is too far for me.

Howie Mandel was on the Today Show proclaiming "ADHD is Real" recently as well. Maybe ADHD will finally get some serious and educational publicity. Wouldn't that be remarkable!?

Jenn said...

Hey penny,
I wish I could tell you about it soon but I had to buy tix in May! All the good seats were taken by the time I found the coupon. I wonder if ADHD will ever get serious publicity. I think ADHD has received serious publicity however, it is very controversial. Have you read this article?
I enjoyed this one. I used to be a publicist and would often publicize ADHD and remember other journalists making fun of my stories as as a made-up drug for a made-up disease.

Everybody makes fun until it happens to them.

Anonymous said...

I saw Distracted last night and used your discount. Thanks so much!!

The play was unbelievably good. Very, very realistic and right on target in terms of the struggles we are experiencing, I identified with sooo much of it. At the end I had tears in my eyes. You will be very moved.

There wasn't an empty seat in the house I wonder if most of the theatregoers are parents of ADHD kids, Cynthia Nixon fans or just heard it's a great play