Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Love My New OT!

Do you remember when I asked you all to help me get an OT for my son? You were all very helpful. I got an OT right away but Spencer did not get along with her AT ALL. For weeks, he would cling to me and try to get away from her.

Then, the strangest thing happened. She quit, citing health problems. While I felt sorry for her, to me it just felt like Spencer didn't have an OT for three months. I called my service coordinator at Theracare and shared my angst with her and in a couple of days, they told me that Spencer would get a very experienced OT supervisor who was coming back to the field to treat children again.

On his first day, Albert Dungca (OTR/L) came over and talked to only me for twenty minutes and then he stopped talking to me and turned to Spencer and instantly he had Spencer's full attention. Spencer never does that on any first day with a therapist. Whenever Albert comes to our house now, Spencer forgets who Mom is and goes straight to Albert.

I don't understand how this happens. What makes one therapist so likeable and another therapist has to try hard to get him to stop crying for Mommy.

Albert comes early in the morning which might be one reason for so much compliance but I think there is something in Albert's mannerism, voice, and inner-confidence that gets Spencer's attention. Albert has a very even-toned voice and gets down to Spencer's level when he has to get his attention. OH, and I love how Albert narrates what Spencer or he is doing to teach him speech as well.

Albert also takes into account my concerns and is very patient about trying to find out if it's a sensory issue or a behavior issue. With Spencer it really could be one or the other.

When I see Albert and how amazing he is, a million questions come to my head.
  1. Is Logan's school or clinic OT as good as Albert?
  2. How do I really know if Albert or anyone is making a difference?
  3. Do those goals on the IFSP or IEP for OT make sense to anyone?
  4. Should I try to get OT done at a clinic or at school or both?
  5. How do I know if an OT really has sensory training. Is there is certificate?
  6. How does an OT figure out if it's sensory or ADHD?
  7. How will I know if brushing is really helping Spencer? It's such a pain.
  8. How do I know if I have a good OT?
  9. How much communication should I have with her? If she doesn't talk to a lot, is that a bad sign?
  10. If Spencer makes an improvement in an area, could I really attribute that to the OT? What about just growing out of it or possibly the new B12 shots I'm giving Spencer? I must stop my head from spinning or else it might fall off.
I used to be so clueless about my kids' OT but this year, I decided to really get on top of it. I even changed my son's therapy clinic this month to a smaller family-owned clinic where the owner is actually the one that is treating Logan. I really respect OTs but I really wish there was some way to measure its effectiveness and figure out if you have a good therapist or a lousy one. I am going to try to find some experts to talk to so if you have questions for me to ask, email me or put it in the comments section.

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