Friday, April 24, 2009

Does Can Mom Be Calm Get Paid for Endorsements?

My husband showed me a very interesting article in The Wall Street Journal about bloggers yesterday. Apparently, many bloggers are being paid to give rave reviews to products and thus the sincerity of the review might be somewhat questionable. Even more interesting was that mom bloggers (MY PEOPLE) were discussed in this article.

I wasn't aware that this was happening which isn't surprising. I blog about how I'm busy because of my ADHD/PDD kids so you can imagine how many blogs I read.

I found the article interesting because I wonder if it is fair to be critical or even inquisitive of this way of creating income through blogs. Don't television shows and movies do this all the time by just simply using a product in a scene? Magazines do this too, they are called advertorials. They look very similar to an article but they are not and the only way you know it's an ad is from one word printed very discreetly somewhere on the page: Advertisement. Even many local parent guides that you get for free in kid-friendly stores write articles in exchange for ad purchases. So why inquire about us bloggers?

I also mention this article because not long ago I was asked by one of my yahoogroups not send notices like the recent one I sent about Kirk Martin's guest post and CD contest because it was considered spam. I felt so bad. I didn't realize it looked like spam but anything to do with contests and prizes could look like spam. I was a little embarrassed and while I wasn't asked this, I felt compelled to tell them that my blog is not commercial at all as if I was more angelic and altruistic this way.

I started to wonder if it is bad for a blog to be commercial especially a blog like this one. I suppose it's not. It's media just like a magazine, newsletter, or Dateline NBC. We are all just passing information in hopes that it may be useful to someone else and having income will keep things alive and running. However for now, I am still remaining ad-free and I have put a notice on the bottom of this blog to state that any recommendations I make are not influenced by payment or gifts. Maybe one day, I can do that or have an ad but not today. I've just got too much to do.

Notice to potential advertisers- call me only if you want to offer me outrageous amounts of money. It would go straight to the Logan and Spencer Pricey Non-Allergic Foods/DAN! Doctors/Educational Costs Fund. A small portion of that would go to the Replace Jenn's 5-Year Old Make-up So She Can Look Decent at Her Brother's Wedding Fund.

(Photo: The boys are breaking my rule of "one person at a time" on the trampoline and of course eating while on the trampoline is a bad idea too. Since we are talking about recommendations today, I'd just like to say that I love these Korean rice cakes. You can find them at many Korean markets where some are made fresh right in front of you and they are great snacks that usually don't ruin appetites for dinner! They probably do not use evaporated cane juice but I'm pretty sure that if it's just made of rice, sugar, and salt so it's GFCF for sure. I've found something similar on this webpage so you could get a closer look. Also, my world would be different without this trampoline. It was a total pain in the butt to put together but it was one of the best things we ever bought for our sensory-seeking kids. I think there are better quality ones out there but this one fit our budget and so far it's been good to us.)


Anonymous said...

I would not have found out about your blog had you not posted initially on one of the list serves. I am so grateful to have found it because of the insights and humor. I was not a blog reader until I learned of this one, so thank you for posting the info.

Penny said...

I am sure this topic casues heated debate in many circles. I feel like sharing a link to your blog in forums is perfectly legit though. You write this blog to share experiences and glean knowoledge from others with similar experiences so it is a benefit to the group and they probably to you.

As you know, I have ads on my blog. They are below all my content. I added them because I figured why not make a few bucks off something I am already doing? I have been blogging for 5-6 months now and I have not made one penny from ads on my site. And I refuse to mention anything in my posts that I have not personally used or read and felt good about. I have made about $6 from for submitting some of my posts as articles to their site. I get an average of $2-3 per article. That's it.

I do think placing a review that appears to come from you personal experience when you have had none with the product is wrong. But we don't do that so no worries.

Thanks for mentioning the trampoline, BTW. I had not thought of that for my sons "sensory diet." Great idea. he would be thrilled!