Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mom Who Calms - Winner of Kirk Martin CD Contest!

From Kirk Martin's own words

Dear Jenn,

I just want to thank you and all of your readers for amazing insight into their kids. It's impossible to choose one winner as all the entries were just phenomenal.

Any parent who has as much compassion and wisdom as your Moms is sure to have already received their reward: a great relationship with their kids.

My first choice was the following because the Mom hit the nail on the head: no matter what strategies we use, calm always begins with us first. That's the key. Every word of Kim's post is spot on.

Again, thank you to everyone. Some parents touched on the importance of diet, which is very important. Others mentioned sensory needs. We try to deal with all of these issues in our newsletters so I'm glad the Moms are in tune with us. More than anything, I hope all the parents feel even more empowered from sharing these insights with each other.

Thank you, everyone!


Kim said...

First, I make sure that I am calm. If I'm not calm then he can't be. Then I speak with him in a level calm voice. Gently slowly explain what is needed in a clear defined manner. I watch his eyes, if he seems confused, I wait and see if the confusion clears. If it doesn't then I break it down further until I can find the source of confusion.

If he's on hyper, I have found that 5 to 10 minutes of "super hyper" play will enable him to call down enough to focus.

If he's grumpy, then 5 to 10 minutes of snuggle/tickle/wrestle/play will defeat the grump enough to focus.

If none of the above qualifies, a Long hot shower and snuggle time cures all ills.

But most of all, create an environment at home that accepts him for what he is and loves him for what he is. I don't expect him to be anything or anyone else, just himself - to be determined as he grows and learns.

From Jenn: Thank you to all who participated in this contest. And of course, thank you Kirk for speaking to us on Can Mom Be Calm and for donating your CD set to the winner. Because we get to read each other's best advice, I feel like we all win, even those who didn't participate. Congratulations Kim. You are the calmest mom in town!

Pictured above: Kim from Alabama-the winner! Pictured below: Kim's son Mark.

To learn more about Kirk's way of helping families with special needs children: Visit


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kim! Great advice.

Kim said...


Thank you for holding the contest, and for letting us know about programs like these for our kids.

Jenn said...

Kim and everyone else,
You are welcome and thank you for participating!!!! I was so excited about the CDs, I finally convinced my husband to buy a set for our family. I can't wait to listen to them but more importantly, I LOVE how moms pitched in their two cents on how to calm their child. It's so important to me now since Logan has been a bit more challenging now that it's allergy season.

Thank you all again!!!! This was so exciting!


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