Friday, May 29, 2009

Celebrating an ADHD Mom Blog

I was just a wee blogger when I found Kay Marner, a parenting blogger from ADDitude magazine's website. I was looking up ADHD mom blogs and couldn't find any that was written as professionally and consistently as hers. When I stumbled upon her blog, she had just written a post about how she was not taking care of her health. I commented on her blog and told her that I ended up in the hospital because of my hectic special needs life and we made an instant connection.

That was months ago and now Kay sent me a note about about a very special event and she'd like you all to join in:

Dear Jenn,

May 30th marks the first anniversary of my ADHD parenting blog, "My Picture-Perfect Family", @ When I started this gig, I was afraid I'd run out of topics to write about. Was I naive? Was that wishful thinking? I should have known that with Natalie around, the ADHD-fueled excitement never ends!

I didn't expect to find so much to write about, and I didn't expect to feel so supported; to feel a sense of community. I didn't expect to learn so much--about myself, about Natalie, about ADHD. I found all of those things--information, support, and community--at I hope my readers do too.

To celebrate and further foster the development of our ADDitude community, ADDitude is offering to a couple of winners (randomly chosen) from those who post a comment to my Blog-iversary blog entry by May 31, their choice of:

Click on the link to post a comment.

Sketch: Kay Marner communes with her computer as a way of coping with the stress of parenting a child with ADHD. Through her ADHD parenting blog, My Picture Perfect Family, at, Kay shares support and information with a community of parents who understand what life is like with a special needs child.

Picture: Natalie Marner, age 8, has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disroder, and loves the sensory experience of playing in dirt or sand. Here she is digging in her garden, Memorial Day weekend, 2009.


Anonymous said...

I'm THRILLED to find an ADHD blog for moms BY moms! I searched for months and finally in desperation, started my latest treatment program for myself. Thank you for this blog! Charlotte

Maggie Jones said...

Same here! My son's had ADHD for as long as I remember and we've managed to get through it drug free for now and have been using a few different natural treatments. Thanks for making this blog Kay!

Virginia said...

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