Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Your Life Like Art?

A few months ago, I posted a coupon code for an off-Broadway play starring Cynthia Nixon about a mother who goes through a journey discovering her child has ADHD and then trying to help him. The play is fictional and written by Lisa Loomer.

As soon as I got the coupon code, I forgot I was trying to save money and thought that I deserved to see "my life" being played on stage for my birthday. Unfortunately, the many of the good seats were taken until the 2nd to last week of the production.

I had no idea what to expect but all I can tell you is that I laughed and laughed. Watching this mother deal with the same crazy things I went through: psychologists making you feel small, teachers complaining, alternative and expensive methods of healing, imperfect ADHD meds, marital discord, losing my temper on my child, going to Whole Foods and spending tons of money.....etc. She did all those things and I was glad I was able to laugh about it. The audience did the same.

I think it is hard to find fictional literature, music, or visual art that is about living with ADHD. However, don't you think living with ADHD, autism, or any other special needs can be art? I know you might want to punch me right now but in a way, doesn't art depict scenes of joy, suffering, and transformation? Forrest Gump comes to mind.

After seeing the play, I felt inspired about raising my children. Perhaps, that is the power of fiction. It can move us to a degree that is unmatched by any non-fiction ADHD info book for parents. Hopefully I'll find more artwork that features families living with special needs children.

The show is no longer playing so I guess I can give you the ending which was that the mom and dad, after all that they went through, took a breather just to enjoy their son and see that he really was a great kid. I loved this ending because that is what happens in our home sometimes after a really bad day. A friend of mine disliked the ending and said the mother character was trivializing ADHD and the meds issue was horribly mischaracterized. With that said, she, like me, loved the play. I wish you could have seen it too.

Picture: Logan draws a picture of Mommy during the time I breastfed Spencer. Now that's art!

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