Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8: It's Not Easy to Share

There is a saying in the PR business; "the story's got legs." It means what it sounds like it means; the story can not be stopped and keeps multiplying its exposure in the media. So the last thing you want to do if it's an unwanted story is to feed the fire and personally, I am very sad about what is happening to the Gosselin family and refused to be one of the people talking about them. But, I just can't hold it in anymore. RAHHHHHH.

Okay, breathe.... here we go: A few days ago, the first episode of the new season of Jon and Kate plus 8 aired and we watched it. It was just so awful to look at the pain in their faces that I decided not to watch this show anymore, at least for a while.

This show is one of the few shows my husband and I watched together. Why? This family members' personalities are interesting and more importantly, while their children don't seem to have any particular special need, they obviously do have special needs being a large family of multiples. Special needs, whatever they are, my family can relate!

This show is just so sad to me now and I just can't be around sadness without purpose, ya know? It's not because I am the kind of person that is only here for you during the good times but it's because I am a viewer and not a friend. Friends don't watch friends suffer and not do anything and so since I can't do anything, I can't bear to watch anymore. I have however, decided to leave a comment on Kate's blog as I think I've heard her say that she reads all her emails. I don't have as many as she does but all of the comments left on this blog are important to me so I left her one. I hope it gets approved by the screeners.

Anyway, I want to just say, I have tried extremely hard not to pay any attention to the gossip or so-called-news regarding the show. It's just plain yucky at this point.

What is also yucky is that the show is still on the air. Perhaps it's a contract thing or financial thing or a poor judgment thing or a whatever-this-can-be-good thing. I am gathering that the parents are doing what they think is best- I can't question them because I am not in their shoes. But one still has to at least ask: is it okay to be on a reality show when you have children involved in a painful process? I suppose everyone will differ with this answer.

I question myself in this issue too since you wouldn't be reading this blog if my children didn't have challenges with initials (ADHD, SPD, PDD-NOS, ??D). I don't have many answers with regards to how much reality is okay when your own family is the subject except to say that I would hope that Logan and Spencer will understand why I needed to share my thoughts at this stage in our lives. I hope they will think that it was a good choice and will be content that it might have comforted another family going through the same issue.

Sharing your life publicly has been great for me but even this blogger doesn't feel like everything needs to be told. Jon and Kate plus 8 have given my family a lot and most recently, they have taught me how I need to be aware of boundaries as I write this blog. Believe me when I say that there were a couple of times where I had to go back to a post and delete a sentence here and there. Like young children, I can also say, "it's not easy to share." Thanks Jon and Kate, I learned a lot from you.

I pray that this special family will find the courage, hope, and strength to move forward to the next level that is right for them.

Picture: Here is something I hope Logan will be okay with: Logan hung from this "thing" (don't know what to call it) for several seconds which is a big accomplishment for him since he has low tone in his upper trunk. I'm proud of you little man!


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