Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kai and I Indulge Ourselves at Night

Lately, Kai and I have been doing something kind of naughty at night. And no.... it's not that. What is naughty about that anyway?

When I was younger, I used to be addicted to Korean soap operas. They are not like the never-ending soaps like General Hospital or the Young and the Restless (those are still running, right?). The Korean soaps I love are more like elongated, over-dramatized, and dissected versions of chic flicks like Sleepless in Seattle. As a soap opera, they have short life spans. Many don't run over a few months but if it's good, it will have the whole country and various parts of Asia, glued to their TVs for an hour each week.

I'm Korean American and Kai is Chinese American and we both can speak our parents' languages and so we have this part of us that we have in common but still are different. I always wanted to share my love of Korean soaps with him but could never find any with subtitles. I remember Kai had purchased Chinese soaps without subtitles and I was disappointed but I shouldn't have been. These can be really good and they just weren't available with English subtitles. It wasn't like he was excluding me on purpose.

But now we can finally indulge in this obsession together.

We have been watching a comedy/drama called Queen of Housewives every night for a few nights now and we have never gone to sleep before midnight. These shows are stored for long times in websites like and so we are able to watch many episodes back to back.

We are basically having fun together doing something that has nothing to do with the kids, is totally unproductive and a little detrimental (getting less sleep). It's like we are two teenagers sneaking cigarettes in the bathroom at school. I wonder how healthy this is. It doesn't really matter because we are so addicted. We have fun making fun of the show as we watch because it's a little silly but not as silly as something like Dumb and Dumber.

I suppose anything indulgent is better with a partner. Just like ice cream or cheese and slices of salami with red wine, we are feeding ourselves on a somewhat silly and very unrealistic Korean drama. I don't know how long this addictive activity will last but I should just shut my mouth (or my head) and just enjoy the ride.

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