Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teachers: Some Horrible and Some Extraordinary

I know I talked about cruelty in disciplining special needs children before but unfortunately, this story gets retold over and over again. A teacher apparently made a 6-year-old girl sit topless in the classroom for 15 minutes because she was stimming. (Click here to read the story) The teacher resigned but still what happened, happened and you can never take it back. I wonder how a parent can prevent this from happening to their child. Are there signs or clues to tell a parent that the special education teacher for their child's class is unfit? Something worth investigating but I've been saying that a lot these days. The list keeps piling up but unfortunately, it's all so important and it has to be done.

However, we can end this post on a good note. I read a story from adhdmomma, a kindred spirit, the other day and teared up. It was one of those great teacher stories that gives you hope that a wonderful education is possible and real. In the comments section there is a good idea about how to thank a great teacher. This post helped me to remember my favorite elementary school teacher, Ms. Hefter and how she brought out the best in me. Additionally, this year, I have to say that I've never been so touched by everyone in Logan's school. They all try so hard and are out there for Logan 100% everyday. We are very blessed. I wish you all the best as you wrap up the school year and hope you are looking forward to an even better school year come September.

Picture: Therapists are teachers too, right? Anastasia Pieri, Spencer's speech and feeding therapist used a baby doll, cup, spoon, and bottle set to teach Spencer about eating. She goes above and beyond always and has really helped Spencer grow to be a very happy and healthy toddler.

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Penny Williams said...

Jenn-- Thanks for the mention. I am still tearing up about moving on from this exceptional teacher. Luke was very sad when I picked him up from school yeaterday, his last day as a first grader. When I asked him why he was sad, he could barely get through it as he began to cry, "I am really, really going to miss Mrs. M." Of course I teared up once again. I wanted to pull the car over and get in the back and hold him. He remembers what it felt like last school year to have a teacher who thought he was a screw-up and I think he recognizes how truly special Mrs. M is because he has already expereinced those who don't understand him.

I did recognize both of my kids' teachers. I made journal covers in a teacher-print fabric. I would have bought her a car to show our thanks if I was capable. But this would have to do. I am also working on writing a letter of commondation (I don't think I spelled that right) and sending it to the school princpal.

Anyhow, thanks so much for the mention and link back. And for all the wonderful experiences you share with us. I am blssed to know you.