Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is There An ADHD Awareness Day?

I have never heard of it but in any case, I declare today ADHD Kid Education Day. Could we all take a moment in our lives to figure out what a child with ADHD needs in school and give it to him or her? This includes parents, teachers, school districts, and soccer classes that charge outrageous amounts of money for "special needs classes."

I say this because I've had many enlightening moments today.

1. My son started school today and it was the most amazing school ever!!! He is in a class with other kids with varying special needs and strengths. He can learn from their skills and they can learn from his. Logan has an opportunity to be proud of himself. I feel truly blessed.

2. A mother of an ADHD child I know is not recognizing her child's needs and she is resistant to release her denial. I feel for her and her child. I wish things could be better for them. Even if she did acknowledge her child's disability, getting her the help that she needs is so hard. You are fighting for your child almost every day.

3. A report came out recently about how PET scans show signs that ADHD brains do not process motivation and rewards like non-ADHD brains do. These results support medication and encourages alternative methods to motivating ADHD youngsters. I had to read the article twice to figure out how this new report could be helpful to me and was really frustrated. Then, I watched a great news program and it helped me see it more clearly. Yes, using PET scans might be news but how can I apply this to my life? More importantly, as our children start school this week, can any of these mounds of research be used to improve the education of children with ADHD? How about an ounce of sympathy and maybe an educational dollar or two for a child who doesn't think a happy face sticker is worth his effort?

As we celebrate, ADHD Kid Education Day, let's give three cheers to the parents and teachers who recognize our kids' needs and provide them the support they require to succeed. Let us also give our compassion and wisdom to the parents and teachers and school districts who still need to be enlightened on how to help children with ADHD.

By the way, I just found out that September 19th is ADHD Awareness Day. I wonder if that is a good day to kindly distribute information to the people who influence our children's lives. Is there a rubber bracelet for us???? hmmm....

Another day of realization of how Logan likes to challenge himself. Here he can finish the puzzle by placing blocks of the matching shape and size onto the board but does Logan do it that way? Why would he when he could put two shapes together and create the same shape that is needed to fit the puzzle? I wonder how many people would tell him what he is doing is wrong. Is it wrong to do it this way?


Anonymous said...

No way (that's not wrong), there is more than one way to do the same thing and he is showing another one! Way to go!
PS So glad you like your perm (I am so jealous of curly hair!)

Penny Williams said...

Interesting. We are participating in an autism walk on Sept 19. Would be so great to spread awareness!

Mrs. M said...

Of course it's not wrong! Great work.
Would love to spread the awareness here too on the 19th. I would love to find some userfriendly layman's terms kind of info on ADHD to share with friends, family, etc. Something direct & simple to understand. Any suggestions?

Jenn said...

Hi Mrs. M,
Since my sad situation with my neighbor and her harsh judgments of me, I have been thinking of how to best address this with a rubber bracelet. I think many of us parents are having trouble with just getting this recognized as a serious issue (starting from our own family members still judging us!). As far as simple terms, I would try to go to CHADD or ADDitude Mag for help. They must have some helpful pointers.

Karen Griffith Gryga said...


I agree that we need simple and direct that can quickly educate others ... I am going to try to work on something over the next week.

Unfortunately ADHD Awareness Day was today ... too late for me to do anything ... next year!

Creativity problem solving is key ... there is never one right way to do any thing .. keep his creative solutions coming!


Anonymous said...

I'm very happy I have found this..I have a son that has ADHD n ODD..and just reading this, is making me feel better..of someone out there is seeing n feeling the way I do..but I do agree that we should do something in making this more aware..crying out loud our educators don't even have a understanding of the learning disability , nor government, insurance..there is a lot of awareness and foundations on other disabilities n disorders..this isn't n e different..Eileen L (Canada)