Friday, December 25, 2009

Urgent Care Center Saves My Family's Christmas

I do not know how I ended up as one of those many people that get into accidents during the holidays. Did I take too much Klonopin? Was I doing too much at once?

Since the kids were being good, I thought it was a good time to do the laundry since it was stacked so high. So I took my kids downstairs to the laundry room and we all had a job filling the washers and dryers. I was proud of myself for incorporating them into my chores like the therapists always tell me to do.

As we rode up in the elevator back to our apartment, I carried one load in and left the other load behind thinking that Spencer would follow right behind me and that Logan would just hold the elevator door like he always does. However,, this time, he tried to pull out the load himself (he's such a good kid) and I put my hand on what I thought was the door to keep it open and tried to tell him to stop and to wait for Mommy but then I felt the door close on my middle finger and even heard a distinct crunch. My hand was not on the door, my hand was in between where the door closes (hinge side). It's the kind of accident that you fear for babies and toddlers, not grown-ups.

Right away there was blood and extreme pain. At first, in my head, I blamed my kids even though they didn't do anything wrong. Then I thought the worst, do I have to go to the emergency room on Christmas Eve? Won't I be seen ten hours later after they treat all the heartattacks, strokes, and car accident victims?

My brother and his wife was due to come by any minute by then and I would miss seeing them entirely because they were not sleeping over. This was the only Christmas celebration my kids were going to have and I'd miss the whole thing. I was sobbing all by myself in front of my kids. Spencer was oblivious but Logan felt bad for me. I called my husband to come home so that I could go to the ER and he was so mad at me. I was mad at me too. I ruined our day.

I called my doctor and he told me to try to find an urgent care center in our neighborhood and luckily I did!!! I called them and they said there was no wait but that they were closing in an hour. I was waiting frantically for my husband to get home but my brother came first and I ran out of the door.

The urgent care place was empty and looked like it was last renovated in the 70s. As soon as I filled my forms, I was seen. I paid a small co-pay. I had an x-ray and a tetanus shot. The x-ray showed that the crack that I heard was indeed a break. Thank heavens, it was my left hand.

Irregardless, I am so grateful for urgent care centers. They are perfect places for people like me who need x-rays but know that they will not be seen because their injuries are not emergencies. If it was any other day, perhaps I would have gone to an orthopedic surgeon if they would see me since they have an x-ray machine. My urgent care center did take insurance but because they are not my primary care physician, I had to pay for my tetanus shot ($60) and my splint ($15) but I really didn't care because I was home with my family within 45 minutes drinking wine to ease the pain and chowing down on Indian food. Even the kids ate some!

My brother bought Logan a Wii which is the only present we allowed him to open before Christmas and this year, Logan was fantastic at it. I wonder if his meds had anything to do with it because last year, he could not play anything without getting frustrated and would eventually give up. I think my brother was most thrilled because he bought something that Logan loved.

An urgent care center saved my Christmas holiday and hopefully you will never have an experience like me but if you end up having to go to the emergency room and know you will be on the bottom of the totem pole, consider urgent care where the wait will likely be shorter. I had a happy Christmas (eve) after all, thanks to them.

Anyway, I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. Ten thousand blessings to each of you in the coming new year.

Photo 1: For those of you with kids with fine motor troubles I can tell you one thing. These muscles are soooooo important, now that I have limited use of them. When you flex the muscle of one finger, you invariably stretch or strain the muscles of your other fingers. They definitely must really coordinate to any of the fingers to work! For me, right now, it means no dishwashing for me and my husband must change my bandages everyday. I wonder if that will be helpful to our marriage. I think he's still mad at me for breaking my finger (He says that this happened because I try to do too much). I must agree that no one but me does three loads of laundry before company arrives. I am a moron.

Photo 2: My broken middle finger. Look at the huge crack on that finger! I am so stupid!


Ellen Seidman said...

God bless Urgent Care Centers! We've used them over the years. Just came here through KnowledgeSafari; I'm Ellen, mom to Max, a seven-year-old with special needs, and Sabrina, a four-year-old with serious attitude. Nice to meet you! Hope you had a good day and that the finger's not hurting. Oh, and you are so not stupid. You want to hear stupid? I went skiing today and got too confident and twisted my knee, and there are NO urgent care centers here in Vermont where we are. So, I take the stupid award, I think. :)

Elyse Orecchio said...

I can't believe you're blaming yourself for breaking your finger---it was an accident! I wish I knew about that Urgent Care place last year when I spent 12 hours in ER just to get stitches in my toe. Your research skills come in handy!

We got a Wii too, from my in-laws! What are the games Logan can play? So far bowling is the easiest for Theo.

Anonymous said...

Feel Better Jenn. I hope it heals soon and I'm glad it was a finger on your left hand too.