Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is Change Really that Good?

I dread this month so much. I can't believe it is already August but here it is and I feel my chest tightening and my breath shortening despite my new medication.

I don't like change except when it comes to more variety in food especially when I am not the one making it. In my dreams, I will have sushi for dinner for one day, the next day barbecued Korean short ribs, and why not chow down on curried goat the next night? That is the kind of change I can live with. However, aside from that, change blows.

I always took forever to adjust to new things even when I was little. Usually, I am unhappy with the way I handle new experiences of life. I find myself saying things like, "I can't wait to do this the second time around, I know so much more now...." I said that about my Disney trip and my trip to China. I said that about breastfeeding and while I won't go back to high school or college, you will often find me lecturing young people about their academic career decisions. Change forces you to make adjustments, reprioritize, and of course, just do plain ol' thinking. These are things that I don't like to do and yet, change can be so helpful.

I bring this up now because Spencer got a new ABA therapist to work with him for 2 weeks while his regular therapist took a vacation. After spending 7 days with him, she recommended that I get his vision checked and also suggested that he was possibly left-handed!!!! Spencer has 1-3 therapists passing through our home every weekday for the past three years and not one person had suggested that to me. Also, I am his mother. How could I not see that he could be a lefty?