Friday, September 2, 2011

The Final Post is Coming Soon

I know there have not been any recent posts in a long long time but I have been working on a big bang final post. I hope you can come back next week for it. It will be posted after Labor Day.

I hope you'll enjoy it. I am writing this announcement of my final post because I still see Twitter followers coming in and I thought I should write something about the future of this blog.

Truth be told, I have been thinking, writing, deleting, writing something else, not finishing, writing, thinking, rewriting, and thinking some more about this. It's tough to wrap this up as I've enjoyed writing in it for the past two and a half years. So much good has come from this blog including making personal and professional connections as well as my favorite part, writing stories to share with others. The final post will be this blog's last attempt to answer the question, "Can Mom be calm, really calm, not just sedated by medicine, happy via cabernet, but rather, just really truly calm?"

The post will include a story about a huge fight that pretty much ate me alive until the very end. It was so vicious that it even caught they eye of the news media here in New York City. There was a big picture of me and my son in the paper that final day. Someone said to me, "You're always in the newspaper," and I thought, "but it's not on purpose...." I can't wait to share it with everyone. I hope you can come back very soon as I say goodbye. I promise to include a list of favorite blogs to share with you that you may not yet spotted on the blogosphere.


Caption: Somewhere on this path of motherhood, my two boys have grown to be two kids who have sometimes been able to go to playground with each other and not need me at all. The little one still needs my help if he comes without his big brother but when the two of them are together, they are best friends. Here they are trying to do tricks on the Yobaby Kick Flipper which is usually under ten dollars for both the board and the DVD. I love this product. I wish they could practice their tricks at home by watching the DVD but we have neighbors downstairs. I could solve the problem by downloading the video to my iPod and letting them practice there but I never get around to doing that.

Still, I do like the culture of skateboarding for special needs kids. I see the older boys in the park doing stunts and while it looks a little dangerous, it looks exciting as well. I don't see them doing anything else (smoking cigarettes or worse..) The boys I've seen are respectful to the people around them. The culture also seems to be friendly to folks who may not be so chatty and just very into watching and doing. Thus is looks like the practice of being a "fan" of this sport is not as fanatical as some other sports. I can't say this for sure but that is impression I have. I still remember Travis from the movie Clueless who was one of my favorite characters. Yes, he did smoke pot but then gave it up to soar new heights as an athlete. I wish skateboarding could be a school sport like football and wrestling. I don't see how the latter two are less dangerous or less expensive than skateboarding might be.

Moreover, the learning that happens when they get together is best done outdoors and not in front of a screen with video game controls (although I do still like that if it is social, at least for now.) The sport seems to promote mutual support and invite constructive criticism and praise from peers in a non-anxiety provoking way. It also looks like it promotes turn-taking but waiting for turns involves watching your friend do a stunt so it is not so boring to wait. It is also independent like swimming, golf, and track which many professionals say is what are the preferred team sports for special needs kids. Last but not least, it uses my kid's favorite styles of learning: visual and video instruction and trial-and-error. When I ask the older boys in the park how they got so good, they usually tell me that they watched other kids or watched YouTube. Sports education via YouTube. What's next? I've even found someone who gives actual skateboarding lessons. I haven't done it yet but maybe someday....

I like the fashion too... just not all the skulls... nope, not into the skulls....why skulls? How do skulls connect with skateboarding? Is skateboarding connected to pirates somehow? I wonder if has anything to do with rejecting society or maybe just feeling like an outsider. I think my sons will likely struggle with finding their place in society once they reach junior and high school. They will need to be with kids who accept them and help them feel good about themselves. I wonder if they'll fit in with the skateboarder kids in the neighborhood. Oh well.. I don't know everything about this sport but for now, skateboarding culture is okay with me.


Penny Williams said...

No! No! No! not the end! We will miss your stories terribly!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you Jenn. Looking forward to the final post. Slaying giants is not easy but we do it for our kids despite the cost to us, huh? Really will miss this blog and your writing.